Is Space Exploration a Good Idea?

Organisms called Tardigrade can survive the extreme radiation and vacuum of space

The coronavirus is now spreading across the globe and has been declared to be a pandemic. If a virus like this is so dangerous to humans, viruses that may exist somewhere else in the galaxy or universe would be so much worse… One day our sun will most likely grow to a red giant and engulf the closer terrestrial planets, so if humanity still exists by then, we would have to have traveled far off to another solar system, unless we would live on a spaceship that just drifts through space. Viruses are not living creatures so it is possible that the radiation or vacuum in space would not have an effect on them. There is also very little data on viruses in space but if it is on Earth, one can only imagine that they exist elsewhere too, maybe on comets, meteors, planets, and moons. This brings me to question whether humans should try to explore space right now, when we can barely deal with the coronavirus. I think that the lack of preparation against viruses will prove to be fatal to humanity and be the ultimate downfall of humanity.

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One thought on “Is Space Exploration a Good Idea?

  1. I think the odds of a virus found on a distant planet being able to infect humans are relatively low—they would evolve to be able to infect whatever organisms are alive in that area of space. I think that rather than retracting from exploration when we face a pandemic, we must embrace space exploration as a means for the survival of the species—a pandemic could wipe out life on earth, but if we are able to spread across multiple planets it lowers our risk of an existential threat rather dramatically. I further think that we can walk and chew gum at the same time; space exploration is not prohibitively expensive at the current moment, so doesn’t trade off with being prepared for pandemics.


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