Flying To Another Country is So Overrated – Let’s Go To Space!

Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship

We hear about space travel and imagine the possibility in the distant future. We would be able to ride a spaceship and experience zero gravity. But guess what? Space travel will come to fruition in our life times! Virgin Galactic Holdings Incorporated is the first public commercial space that is offering sub-orbital flights to individuals who can afford their hefty price tag of $250,000 per ticket. Although it is super expensive right now, as economies of scale occurs, the price tag is expected to drop, allowing for much more accessibility to their services! Sub-orbital flight isn’t exactly space travel, but it is a huge step forward in the space travel industry. Individuals will experience a 90 minute ride with several minutes of zero gravity. The mothership will carry the spaceship to around 50,000 feet in the air, where the spaceship will detach and fly, allowing passengers to experience close to zero gravity. It is very likely that we will get to experience space travel in our lifetimes and I can’t wait to experience zero gravity!

Virgin Galactic’s mothership

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2 thoughts on “Flying To Another Country is So Overrated – Let’s Go To Space!

  1. This is a really interesting topic! I’m hoping that you’re right about the costs of space flights going down in the future as I would love to try it at some point in my lifetime. As more competition starts to appear in the industry, prices should go down, but it is definitely a tough industry to enter.


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